Well, it seems lots of people are still looking for Loga after he has left us.

Rest well, Loga from Nyonyapearly and Chandra

When I was young, i used to go for tea dances and Alley cats were performing during the tea dances. And I was young, in my teens..gosh how time flies….

A grand send off at Loga funeral

I used to remember listening to their music, and a few more of our local musician.

Loga’s son performing last rites

For example in school, we were crazy about Frankie Cheah who sang “Woman in my life”. All my friends would go crazy as we knew he was then a teacher in Johore. If we had the money,we would have gone to see him and hear him sing.

DJ Dave at Loga funeral

Then there were the strollers from Kuala Lumpur. Those were the days when we would sing their songs and remembers by hard. We used to sing and hum along daily. What fun. Cant even recall the lyrics now. Wish could.

David last prayers for beloved Loga

Then come DJ Dave with his songs, what a heart throb for us.?

Now I side tracked talking about Loga. Yes he has been sick for some time. It was kept very quiet. Anyway, for some of us out there who misses him, here are some of his last few pictures. And yes DJ Dave was there and so were a few more but we didn’t get their pictures.

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