Cooking can be quite a task sometimes especially cooking for two. It is rather difficult to buy or cooked for two.

So we choose to eat out. And I love eating out and my most frequent choice would be economy rice. So many good kopi tiam or coffee shops sells delicious dishes.

Any day I choose Moy or porridge. Yummy, just love it. But as a lover of food, I love side dishes when eating porridge.

Beside porridge which itself has many varieties, I love the dishes like sambal dried prawns (sambai hei bee), Thick soy sauce cooked and simmer to this yummy “aw tau eu bak”.

Economy Rice Stall

Usually in a kopi tiam ,we have fairly many hawkers selling Hokkien Mee, Koay Teow Th’ng, there is a economy rice corner. Over 20 to 30 dishes for your choosing,how nice.

Just be mindful of the queue waiting to hook the dishes, move over fas. What I cannot stand some choosing a piece of chicken. Choosing 1 piece of chicken while the rest waits.

Sambal Fish

I would prefer a stuffed fish anytime. The fish is cut open and sambal is stuffed before deep drying. this is yummy!.

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