Gosh, It has been a month exactly I have not touch my web site or blogs. My apologies to my diary.

Preparation for Uva’s wedding had been going along fine until 15th August, a day I can easily forget but wont. Chandra coolly told me, he feels he needs to go to the hospital.

All right, I say, if you feel you need some comforting and rest, go for it. Little did we know he suffered a massive heart attack.

How I survive two weeks of hospitalization is more like it? It is not easy for us to say this. But if you feel you have a heart problem, one hospital never to go is, the Kepala Batas hospital.

It has no heart facilities to treat you, only to keep you stable. Doctors are very junior, haven’t seen or experience much critical cases.

I find it strange the doctors preferred to discuss the cases with the patient and not the spouse. I was there twice a day and nothing was told to me how serious he was. This probe me to feel insecure that he could be well taken care of.

Chandra was there over the weekend when I realise he doesn’t seem to be getting well. I have to demand that I want him to be transfered to the Penang Hospital Heart Unit where they have the best facilities.

After much hesitation, fuzz, no ambulance, no stretcher, we managed to speed over to the Penang Hospital. It was a wise move as by then he was what the lay man would say, “drowning”. (Water in the lungs)

For 10 days, Chandra was in the heart unit (CRW) as he had pneumonia and water in the lungs. The next 3 days were the most critical days of his life. We were all so concerned that this silent killer called heart attack came into our life so quietly.

Heart attack is indeed a silent killer and according to the medical doctor, only 20% made it to the hospital.

There are two common types of heart problems – heart attack and stroke.

Heart Attack will lead to further complication like failure of the kidney and water in the lungs. Many of us do not know that when a person suffers from heart attack, try not to make them drink too much water cos that will flood his lungs. The rationale we must understand is this.

Once a person has a heart attack, be it mild or serious. it is advisable to drink as little water as possible. The heart goes to hibernation, oxygen is hardly transfered to their arteries, so when you drink alot of water, it goes into your lung.

It took Chandra many days to overcame this water in the lungs. During this time, angiogram cannot be perform to see how serious is his blockages.

Not many people survive this to tell you this. Taking care of Chandra two weeks makes me realise how important to relate this to others.

Also we have this habit to feed them with food. Always try to ask them whether are they able to swallow? If they cant swallow, never make them eat as there is no saliva to help them digest the food.

Saliva, the wonder of God’s creation. Saliva helps us to digest our food. Dont be a smart alec like me to give food juices, as if he is a diabetic, it will further complicate matters.

I have learn my lesson looking after Chandra. And i feel the Penang Hospital does indeed lives up to its reputation. All monitoring andmedication for patients at night ends at 11pm.

The patient and carer was able to rest for 7 solid hours before they come to monitor you again at 6am in the morning.

Unless you are critical, you need not worry. the monitoring is done at their table.


So now Chandra is home recuperating from his heart attack. Angiogram showed he had 3 blockages. 3 blockages equal to a by pass surgery. So 6 to 8 weeks of “staying put” before the doctors to see him again.

So we wish Chandra a speedy recovery and prepared for his by pass.

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