Of all the curries we have in Penang, Indian Curry top it all. Indian curry deep friend chicken is my favourite curries of all.

Chandra’s aunt Aunt Kamachi is particular about her spices. But for me, some curry powder specially prepared are edible.

Indian Curry

So long as before you cooked it, make the dry rempah into a wet paste and stand it for at least 2 hours. In that way, you wont taste the coastness of the curry. Or else sometimes, you can taste the powdery rempah.

Your Indian Chicken curry will just flop! Well why am I talking about Indian cooking or Indian Food. Well, Chandra being recovering form his illness must take lightly flavoured food.

But being an Indian, no curry..it is very difficult. One day or two days, he seems all right with it. Then came the third day, talks like how nice to taste Indian Cooking, or no aroma of Indian Curry floating out of the kitchen.

So yours truly, got to cooked the Chicken curry. I have to get use to cooking with very little oil.

Check out our lovely Penang Food. What is good? Street Food, Hawker Food, Indian Food, Nyonya Food, Eurasian Food, Malay Flavour. What about desserts to sweeten our savoury lips?

I do love Mamak curry. Our Nyonya curry is lovely too but not for Chandra, Indian curry is the order for the day.