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PGCC – Penang Global City Centre or Penang Greedy City Centre?

PGCC is a super hot topic. Most definitely, changes are inevitable. Looks as if the Penang people are still not aware that a mega project is going to happen.

Hearing that there will be another 37 tower blocks coming up in our lovely Penang Island in the next 20 years. I wonder can it take the weight, my tiny little island Penang?

For few months now, talks, public local outcry can be heard. Wonders of amazement how such a mega structure project can get approval without the people’s knowledge. Questions were thrown to all authorities, NGOs working very hard thus the awareness of our beloved Penang island can be keep intact.

Penang Global Citiy Centre

As an insider, I ponder, listen to what my fellow Penangites have to say. I am not being partial to their opinions but after listening to what have been discussed I too felt these question they asked need to be answered.


To the outsider who knows nothing about our rich heritage, most are excited that some great is happening. Penang need this but do we really?

Penang Turf Club will be relocated to Batu Kawan, in the mainland 30 mins away from Penang. And then Penang Global City Centre mega structure will be built in the Penang Turf Club, 1930’s recreation plot of land.

Many many questions were raised and not answered. At least, listen and incorporate what the Penang locals feels they would like to maintain is what they are asking.

Penang Global City Center

Quotes from Penang Heritage Trust

It appears we have been misled. Each statement made so far has carefully avoided letting Penang people know that in addition to the TWO TOWERS and the ‘green forest’, what is actually being proposed is a ‘forest’ of 37 (Yes, THIRTY SEVEN) HIGH RISE TOWER BLOCKS, each more than 40 STORIES HIGH, planned for the site. Also being planned are 6,93313,000,000 sq feet of commercial space. (look at the attached images to get an idea of the REAL PGCC – that’s right – 37 slightly shorter KOMTAR’s )

Penang Global City Center Road proposal

Some of the Question posed:

1. How did Open Recreational Space become Development land in the Structure Plan?

2. How did land granted by the State for recreation, at virtually no cost in the 1930’s now be the source of a RM25 billion project for a private developer?

3. Should the State not be given the first right of refusal if the Turf Club wishes to move?

4. How does the developer get a density of nearly 30 units to an acre when surrounding land in the Jesselton area is zoned for 6 units to an acre?

5. How can a project be launched by the PM when it has not yet been approved by the local authorities?

Penang Global City Center

6. How can we Penang people be told that our traffic problems will be solved when we will be stuck in jams, for YEARS, while the flyovers and tunnel are being built at Scotland Road and Batu Gantong?

7. How can this project be launched BEFORE PORR is completed when their own traffic consultants have said that, only with the PORR, can the traffic dispersal system work.

8. Where is the detailed EIA required for a project of this gigantic size? And how did the preliminary EIA get approved so quickly?

9. Does Penang NEED a project like this when we currently already have more than 1,000,000 sq ft of empty commercial space?

10. Can’t low-rise residential homes & much needed green parks be an alternative?

11. Do Penang people WANT a colossal K.L. planned project like this which will change our island beyond anything that we know and love?

Almost 20 years ago, Penang people said an emphatic NO to our hills being destroyed by massive re-development. We claimed our rights as the ordinary man-on-the-street, as citizens, as voters and most of all, as PENANGITES. Is this project actually being foisted on Penang by MONEY, by POWER and by CONNECTIONS? Already many of us lament what Penang has become with the traffic, the pollution and the over-development seemingly approved for the above reasons.

To all of us who love Penang and who have contributed to her well-being, the PCGG is the ultimate assault on her very sanity and that of her citizens.

SPEAK UP to voice your concerns. Well this is some of the lastest breaking news on what is happening on PGCC. Postcards and letters to the Chief Minister were handed out during the Sunday forum in Dewan Sri Pinang.

So I will be off to take some photos of the Penang Turf Club before it is gone.