Another year is here, so may I wish you a Happy Awesome and fanstatic New Year 2008!!!

January is an exciting month for us Penang people as the Thaipusam festival is here again. Last year was my first year as I went around four full days with Chandra, my Indian hubby. We met lots of people and foreigners and every one wanted to know what is going on. So our days were spent meeting new friends, having them together with us as they were so awe inspired and fascinated by this festival

Read our experience last year.

This year we are organising a tour to help those interested. From early morning before the real Thaipusam day till the second day evening. The pictures both taken day and night adds to your memory. It is defitenely as kick ass lifetime experience for many who were with us last year.

Some said it is amazing what people do to fulfill their wishes. As for me, I only know taking pictures without really watching cos I was scared and cannot bear seeing the big hooks. In some instance, our new found friends were in tears seeing them in spears, hooks hanging on their faces and back. Join our tour this year. And learn form Chandra an insider propsective of Thaipusam.