The Sri Singamuga Kaliamman Floating Procession is the only unique Indian festival in Penang. Why, well the main highlights is a floating chariot procession where the lady deity with a lion as her companion or what the Indians called her vehicle take a ride to the sea.

Teluk Bahang Floating Chariot Procession

Strong men shoulders her to a specially prepared, heavily decorated floating chariot for a sea ride around the sea of Teluk Bahang.

The usual festivals commences a week before the main festival day. Days before the locals communities of Teluk Bahang heads each day to offer prayers or free food to the devotees coming to pay homage to “Ammah”, known to us as Sri Singamuga Kaliamman. Rather long right, so we addressed her as “Ammah”. As she is their protector and many villages or fisherman there have tales to share with you.Some will tell you how they were guided to safety whenever big storm are about to come. Some remembers the Tsunami that were turned away miraculously. No ones lives were lost or in trouble in the Teluk Bahang sea.

Such were her powers that yearly thousands of devotees form all over Malaysia and Singapore never failed to make their journey home to offer homage for their success in life.

Beautiful styrofoam dishes of light floated in the dusk of the Teluk Bahang sea. But this year, she circles the sea early and return to land as before the total lunar eclipse starts to dazzle us.