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Hungry Ghost festival are meant to feed hungry souls. Souls who have no one to offer them food during this auspicious month when they are let out to wander Earth.

Traditionally we offer prayers to ancestors spirits first that is first to 15th of the month. Chinese opera shows are arranged to allow the ancestors spirits to have some celebration. Usually for the ancestors, it is nothing elaborate. You can read how we offer to Ancestors here:

What is seen more important are the prayers to the lost souls. To the business people, these lost souls need to be appease for two reasons.

One, since they are lost souls and no one cares to feed them so it is very charitable to do so. It is a common sight near wet market in Penang and Butterworth. From the fifteen to the end of the month, food sellers and local businesses took turn nightly to offer the grandest they could afford.

Some arrange for Chinese operas, puppet shows or even had Karaoke or Ko Tai for the King of Hades. I caught this in Prai Megamall this weekend where auctions for the living are held.

Second reason, better feed this hungry ghost or spirit or they create havoc for your business.

But sometimes I wonder what next they will perform.

Beside having big feast daily for 1 month or 2 weeks, puppets shows, Chinese opera performances or young girls singing in the heat of the night clad in tiny clothings barely covering their bodies, now there is Auctions.

Auction Item

Auction Item

So called black gold, gold stuffs or precious artifacts are donated or sponsored for bidding. On a particular night towards the end of the month, the locals and committees member of this community will bid for the blessed items. The highest bidder will claim the item. These items are suppose to be lucky charm and have been blessed by the spirit mediums. The lucky winner can expect some kind of prosperity during the year.

In turn the following year, he will then pay back to sum or amount he had bid. How about this?


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